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Upload files by simply dragging and dropping them

November 7, 2011

Now you can simply drag and drop files from your desktop straight into the upload page and click the upload button when ready. Couldn’t be easier than that.

Additionally, the upload form now allows selection of multiple files in one go, instead of having to add them one at a time.

This new functionality is only supported in recent versions of Chrome and Firefox. Be sure to upgrade.

File size limits increased: 500MB for Lite/Max and 10GB for Pro!

September 10, 2011

We are pleased to announce that free users can now upload files up to 500MB each, or upload multiple files* that total 500MB or less in one go. This is an upgrade from the old maximum of 300MB.

Pro users can now upload files up to 10GB in size each, up from a previous limit of 2GB.

We appreciate all your suggestions and we will be implementing many improvements over the coming days, weeks, and months, so, watch this space!

*Not sure how to upload multiple files? Once you have selected your first file, look for the link under the file name that says ‘Add More Files’. Each file will have its own link but we also provide a filegroup link to make life easier. If you want to send a folder of files and have just one link, please create a zip file first and then upload that.

Login with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and more

August 16, 2011

Now login to sendspace with your Facebook, Google, Twitter , Yahoo or any other OpenID supporting account.

You can link your existing account by going to your account preferences, or create a new account by clicking one of the new icons on the signup form

Expect many more exciting changes in the coming weeks and months.


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